Sharpton Says No Mass Killings Without ‘Mass Instruments’

Sharpton Says No Mass Killings Without ‘Mass Instruments’

September 26, 2023

During a Friday appearance on MSNBC, race hustler Al Sharpton bemoaned the inability to secure more gun control and falsely claimed there would be no mass killings without “mass instruments.”

Sharpton suggested gun control can be pursued under the banner of “civil rights” and went on to say that whether gun control is pursued as a civil right or “just on guns, people cannot do mass killings unless they have mass instruments.”

He confessed to being shocked by people who say, “No, we’re not giving up our AR-15s.”

As Breitbart News notes,

He did not mention the work done via a partnership between Northeastern University, the Associated Press, and USA Today, which traces “mass killings” back to 2006 and shows “semiautomatic handguns are far more common in mass killings than guns that are typically characterized as assault weapons, such as the AR-15.”

Graphs used by Northeastern/AP/USA Today show handguns are used in “mass killings” almost twice as much as “long guns,” the latter being a category which includes shotguns, rifles of every kind, etc.

During the MSNBC segment, Sharpton pointed to the August 26, 2023, Jacksonville, Florida, shooting in which a man with an AR-15 killed three people at a Dollar General store. He did not mention the April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech shooting, in which an attacker with two handguns killed 32 people, or the November 21, 2021, incident in which Darrell Brooks Jr. drove over people during a Milwaukee parade, killing six.

He also conveniently left out the July 14, 2016, attack in Nice, France, in which a terrorist used a truck to kill 86 people and of course, the September 11, 2001, attacks, in which airplanes were weaponized to kill nearly 3,000 people.

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