Sharpton Reminds Dems That ‘the Objective Is Trump’

Sharpton Reminds Dems That ‘the Objective Is Trump’

July 26, 2019

Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, network host Al Sharpton advised the Democratic presidential candidates not to expend all their energy combating their fellow Democrats because the principal “objective” is President Trump, who Sharpton claimed “is trying to turn back the clock in this country.”

“I’m very concerned that as we clarify our differences that we don’t go into political cannibalism and eat each other alive before we get to the main bout,” Sharpton said. “If you spend more energy in the locker room fighting your teammates, you’re going to lose on the field. The objective is Trump.

“Save your fire for the main event,” he continued. “Don’t shoot all your bullets now and come in to the main event with an empty gun.”

Nevertheless, candidates for the Democrat presidential nomination know they need to distinguish themselves from the packed slate of contenders and shoot down their competition now or fall out of the running early on.


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