Sharpton on Pelosi Attack: U.S. is Becoming a ‘Banana Republic’

Sharpton on Pelosi Attack: U.S. is Becoming a ‘Banana Republic’

November 1, 2022

Last weekend on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show, race-hustling host Al Sharpton claimed idiotically that the attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband Paul shows America is becoming a “banana Republic.”

Anchor Jonathan Capehart asked, “Let’s talk about those armed vigilantes in Arizona. A federal judge refused to issue a retiree restraining order to block people from guarding drop boxes in the state. Are you concerned that this will inspire voter intimidation further?”

Sharpton said, “I am absolutely concerned. I think it sends the wrong signal when people have to look at, particularly in the atmosphere of Paul Pelosi being attacked in his home, have to look at armed people standing near where they are going to vote and what that implication could be. Let’s remember, this man who broke into Speaker Pelosi’s home saying where is Nancy was repeating the same question, of where is Nancy as they are breaking into the Capitol on January 6. We are now in a time where it is almost being normalized that, like in a banana republic, our top officials can be targeted by people that wanted to do violence, not ‘I want to do voting.’ Now we have an armed people near voting sites, and judges say that is all right.”

Sharpton and the leftist media want desperately to tie the attack to Trump supporters, despite the evidence that Paul Pelosi’s attacker was a leftwing activist and supporter of the Black Lives Matter domestic terror group. But they can’t let truth get in the way of their demonizing narrative.

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