Sharpton Calls For ‘Institutional Change’ to ‘Get the Racism Out of’ Policing

Sharpton Calls For ‘Institutional Change’ to ‘Get the Racism Out of’ Policing

April 8, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s propaganda outlet Morning Joe, relentless race hustler Al Sharpton pushed for “institutional change” in police departments to get rid of “racism.”

“[T]he resources must be given to people that set a police department that is going to be fair and equal to everyone,” Sharpton argued during a conversation with New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “Giving resources to the same thing won’t solve it. And I think that’s where the challenge is for [Adams], who is equipped to do that, to deal with the institutional inside reform, because the things that bother many of us that’s been on the forefront of this fight, is when you end up — yes, police feel threatened, yes, they go in with their lives at stake, but it seems that the reaction is different based on who it is they’re going in. Why is it most of the no-knock killings happen in the black and brown community? So, you know how to go into white areas or wealthy areas and make sure everything checks, but you go in black areas with a different attitude.”

Police go into “black areas” with a different attitude because that’s where the vast majority of the violent crime occurs.

“You’ve got to change from the inside,” Sharpton added. “We’re not going to profile areas. That’s why stop-and-frisk didn’t work. They were stopping more blacks and browns, finding nothing. They weren’t throwing white kids on the Upper East Side against the wall.”

Fact checks: 1) stop-and-frisk did work. It broke up gang activity and reduced violent crime; 2) the point of stop-and-frisk isn’t to “find” anything, but to deter criminals from carrying weapons and drugs in the first place, lest they be caught with them during a random stop-and-frisk; 3) white kids in the ultra-affluent Upper East Side aren’t being “thrown against a wall” because they aren’t committing a disproportionate amount of violent crime.

Sharpton would have you believe that police are all white racists who target minority youth without cause. This is pure, race-mongering demagoguery which ignores not only the realities of criminal behavior but the racial diversity of the police departments themselves. Sharpton is and always has been nothing more than a hateful race agitator.

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