Sharpton Calls for Chauvin’s Conviction Ahead of Murder Trial

Sharpton Calls for Chauvin’s Conviction Ahead of Murder Trial

March 30, 2021

At a prayer vigil Sunday night before the murder trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in connection with the death of George Floyd, race hustler Al Sharpton called for Chauvin’s premature conviction.

“We must show with this case that a police officer must face the law just like anybody else,” Sharpton proclaimed. Chauvin is facing the law — that’s what the trial is for. What Sharpton actually means is, Chauvin must be found guilty.

“I have faith that he will get convicted. Just like everybody who’s seen that video because the video is the proof,” added Floyd’s brother, Philonise. The video actually is not the proof. The video everyone saw does not show what happened before the incident in question, and does not show that Floyd was awash in an overdose level of intoxicants including fentanyl, that he had a bad heart, and that he did not die of strangulation or asphyxiation.

Chauvin faces multiple charges, including second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, in connection with Floyd’s death. The second-degree murder charge carries a penalty of up to 40 years. Opening statements for the trial began on Monday, March 29.

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