Sharpton: ‘Bullying’ Trump Exposed GOP Leaders as ‘Cowardly’

Sharpton: ‘Bullying’ Trump Exposed GOP Leaders as ‘Cowardly’

November 23, 2020

Friday on MSNBC’s Deadline, race hustler Al Sharpton said President Trump exposed that Republican leaders have always been “cowardly.”

Asked about “the cowardice of the Republican man,” propagandist host Nichole Wallace taunted, Sharpton replied, “Well, you can’t bring cowardice out of people that are not cowardly,” whatever that means. “And what we began to see is that a lot of Republican leaders must have been cowards all along, and all they needed was a bullying to come out and expose it, and that is what Donald Trump has done…

“He’s declaring war against all of us,” the demagogue Sharpton continued about Trump. “He’s undermining the very bases of having voting count. We spend all year trying to get record numbers of people to vote, to come out and vote. Those of us in the Civil Rights community telling people our pain with George Floyd and vote about Breonna Taylor, and people came out in record numbers. He’s sitting in the White House and telling people those votes don’t matter.”

Sharpton knows full well this is false, but then, he is no stranger to blatant lying. Trump and the GOP are challenging widespread Democrat voter fraud, not legitimate votes.

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