Sharpton: Breonna Taylor Indictments ‘Grossly Insufficient’

Sharpton: Breonna Taylor Indictments ‘Grossly Insufficient’

September 23, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC, race hustler Al Sharpton criticized a grand jury for charging a former Louisville police officer with only 3 counts of 1st-degree wanton endangerment in the death of Breonna Taylor, who was caught in a crossfire between police and her boyfriend.

“I think it’s grossly insufficient,” Sharpton said. “It does not deal with the fact that the life of Breonna Taylor was taken. It does not address her being a victim of being killed. The value of her life is not at all addressed in these charges. You could get endangerment if you shot in the air at nothing. You took a woman’s life. A woman who was in no way should have even been in that situation because the person you were pursuing was not there. She committed no crime.

“Her only act that night is she went to bed that night, and she is dead. This does not address the life when we say black lives matter… To say that we’ve given some indictment which would be equivalent if you fired outside a house in the air is to really, in my opinion, devalue the life of Breonna Taylor and does not answer what the family would have said that they would have been in a way belatedly accepted a manslaughter two because manslaughter at least addresses a life.”

Perhaps Sharpton should look to Taylor’s boyfriend, who fired first on the police after they knocked.

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