Sharpton Blasts Rapper Over Super Bowl Performance

Sharpton Blasts Rapper Over Super Bowl Performance

December 24, 2018

Rev. Al Sharpton slammed rapper Travis Scott this weekend for agreeing to perform at the Super Bowl, claiming that Scott is siding with the National Football League over Black Lives Matter protesters.

“I think anyone that goes into the halftime show is in effect directly violating those that want to raise the question that the NFL should come to terms with what they have done and continue to do to Colin Kaepernick and those that protest on criminal justice issues,” Sharpton said in a video posted Saturday.

“You can’t tell people to stand for those that take a knee and don’t go to the games and then say ‘but somebody ought to perform there and entertain.’ You’re drawing TV viewers, you’re bringing supporters, and I think that you can’t have it both ways,” Sharpton added.

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