Sharpton: Blacks Behind Trump ‘Props’ So He Won’t Look Racist

Sharpton: Blacks Behind Trump ‘Props’ So He Won’t Look Racist

January 20, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s Deadline, network host and lifelong race hustler Al Sharpton claimed with zero evidence that black people in the bleachers behind former President Donald Trump at an Arizona rally were merely “optics” to “sell racism.”

Sharpton said, “The fact that we all saw them sitting there, clearly they were put there for the optics. There was one guy that went around the whole 2020 race with a ‘Blacks for Trump’ sign. It seems like now he’s got more. They are put there strategically so that [Trump] can say the most racist things and not look racist.”

Nothing Trump or any Republican can do is ever enough for race-mongering, Democrat demagogues like Sharpton. If there are no blacks in the bleachers behind Trump, it’s evidence that he’s racist. If there are blacks in the bleachers, it’s again evidence that he’s racist. The right can’t win.

Sharpton added, “I mean who gets a group of people, ‘Blacks for Trump,’ and just happens to sit there, and they happen to get within camera view? I mean, no one could be that stupid to think that that just happened to be they got the good seats. That is choreographed so he can sell racism and look like he’s not a racist. I think it is something that we all ought to deplore. I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about who he props up.”

Speaking of wasting time worrying, no one should waste any worrying about Sharpton’s opinion because he is a shameful liar and smear merchant. To hate-mongers like Sharpton, blacks who have abandoned the Democrat plantation to support Trump — and there is a growing percentage who are — are contemptible race traitors. The truth is that the Rev. Al has made a career of dragging American blacks down, while Trump has done more than any Democrat ever to lift them up.

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