Sharpton: America’s ‘Voting Emergency’ a ‘Threat to Democracy’ Like Ukraine Crisis

Sharpton: America’s ‘Voting Emergency’ a ‘Threat to Democracy’ Like Ukraine Crisis

March 5, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, lifelong race hustler Al Sharpton claimed falsely that America had a “voting emergency” brought on by state legislatures’ election laws, an emergency similar to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Host Chuck Todd set up Sharpton’s false comparison by stating that “what we’re seeing in Europe… is a fight for freedom, a fight for democracy.”

Sharpton replied, “I think that you said it perfectly, Chuck. I wish the president said it. You cannot fight, and you should, for the right for the people of Ukraine to have a democratic state and make decisions based on voting and then not deal with that same right to be upheld here in America. So as we look for and pray for the people in Ukraine, we need to also deal domestically. I think that connection a very clear, and we need to make it clear.”

There is no connection, because the Democrat boogeyman of Republican voter suppression is a completely Dem-manufactured lie. But the connection is now a Democrat talking point which other Dem leaders are pushing and which their media enablers are promoting.

Sharpton added, “We’re going to see low amounts of voting everywhere if we do not challenge and turn around a lot of these restrictive laws that have been put in place since 2020, in 19 states or more. We are dealing with a voting emergency in this country, as we deal with Ukraine, and we need to deal with it, and that’s why this weekend in Selma is extremely important because we need to underscore that we cannot be global liberators and at home ignore the threat to democracy right here.”

The only threat to democracy at home is the left’s fight to maintain the widespread voter fraud it needs to win elections.

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