Sharia Supporter Omar Pleads for U.S. to Take Afghan Refugees

Sharia Supporter Omar Pleads for U.S. to Take Afghan Refugees

August 28, 2021

In an op-ed published on Friday, anti-Semite and sharia supporter Rep. Ilhan Omar begged the U.S. to take in refugees from Afghanistan, in the wake of the Biden administration’s catastrophic foreign policy failure there.

Omar wrote that the news of the “families scrambling to get on American planes” took her back to her childhood, sitting in a refugee camp with her grandfather, who told her, “Only in America can you ultimately become an American. Everywhere else we will always feel like a guest.

“He was right. I was lucky to become an American, not a guest, and ultimately represent my new home of Minnesota in the halls of Congress. But right now there are thousands of Afghans, many of whom risked their lives to help the United States, who are wondering if they will have that same opportunity to make new lives here,” Omar continued.

She went on for several paragraphs before mentioning the American citizens still stranded in Afghanistan, now ruled by the savage Taliban, and the 13 U.S. servicemembers killed in a suicide bombing Thursday. She demanded that we “lead an international coalition to evacuate every person who is fleeing for their lives” in Afghanistan.

Every person. Every person from Afghanistan who would like to be resettled in America. Is there a single Afghan among the population of 39 million who wouldn’t?

“I’m glad that the President allocated $500 million to help resettle Afghans, but we must do more. The reconciliation package should include funding to address [refugees from other crisis hot spots]. And we must live up to our promises to increase the refugee cap,” Omar argued.

Is there any number of refugees, any number at all, from anywhere around the world, that the far left like Omar would consider enough, much less too many for America to embrace?

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