SF Chronicle Gushes over Kamala as ‘Counterpoint to Insurrection’

SF Chronicle Gushes over Kamala as ‘Counterpoint to Insurrection’

January 21, 2021

In a profile of the newly-installed VPThe San Francisco Chronicle gushed that Kamala Harris‘ rise to power was a “counterpoint to insurrection.”

“As images of white supremacists storming the Capitol sear into Americans’ minds,” the Chronicle reads melodramatically, “there is about to be another image that provides the case for optimism about the future: the moment when Kamala Harris, first Black woman and woman of color to be inaugurated as vice president, is sworn in.”

“It’s like when you see a rainbow,” Harris herself mused nonsensically. “No one ever looks at a rainbow and then just keeps going. If you have anyone around you, you say, ‘Look at the rainbow,’ right? Well, look at Jan. 5. Look at what happened when a Black Baptist preacher and a Jewish man were elected by the state of Georgia to go to the United States Senate.” Huh?

Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee compared the Harris inauguration to a religious experience: “As a woman of faith, the Scriptures always remind us that the light outshines the darkness, and I truly believe that… The light is the first woman of color, the first Black woman, the first Asian American woman to be inaugurated as our vice president. What a remarkable moment this is in our history.”

Yes. If only she weren’t a radical leftist. Imagine what Democrats would be saying about a black Republican female as vice-president. She wouldn’t be described in the media as remarkable; she would be smeared as a race traitor.

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