Sen.: Whitmer ‘Cold-Blooded Killed’ Nursing Home Patients

Sen.: Whitmer ‘Cold-Blooded Killed’ Nursing Home Patients

June 23, 2020

Appearing on Michigan’s No BS News Hour, Michigan State Sen. Peter Lucido said he believes Gov. Gretchen Whitmer “cold-blooded killed” nursing home patients with her coronavirus policy and vowed to prosecute her if he is elected prosecutor this fall.

“What our governor has done is literally cold-blooded killed the most injured parties that are out there. The ones that have compromised immune systems—cold-blooded,” Lucido said.

If Whitmer doesn’t change the policy, “only she has the blood on her hands with the death of those individuals.”

Asked if he would charge Whitmer if elected prosecutor, Lucido said, “If we have the information that supports a conviction, which means I can look at the data, which is not there, the science, which is not there, and have doctors testify to support that the medical decisions that were made here were made unilaterally by one person only — Gretchen Whitmer — you’re damn right he’s going to get charged because she deserves to own up to those deaths in those nursing homes.”

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