Sean Penn Suggests Trump’s COVID is Political Sympathy Ploy’

Sean Penn Suggests Trump’s COVID is Political Sympathy Ploy’

October 6, 2020

Saturday on Twitter, actor and dictator-lover Sean Penn suggested President Trump’s hospitalization with the coronavirus could be a “political sympathy ploy.”

“As there are skeptics, on behalf of @CoreResponse , I have reached out to @WhiteHouse to offer a CORE staffer from our D.C. ops to independently re-test the president & verify his COVID-19 status as legit & not a political sympathy ploy,” Penn penned after Trump and the First Lady tested positive for the disease.

“Like so many other vulnerable Americans, the president is obese and on the older side,” Penn added. “The fact that he has access to immediate & proper healthcare & that therapeutics have evolved w/the deaths of 200k citizens gives him a far better chance than they had.” All Americans have access to proper healthcare, and the number of deaths from coronavirus alone is a fraction of the bloated 200k estimate.

“We don’t want the man to die,” Penn explained. “We want him to stand down. To golf & go away. We need an actual leader, not a ‘Dear Leader.’” Penn will get his wish that Trump lives, because he is scheduled for discharge as early as tomorrow, but to Penn’s disappointment the president will not be standing down or going away.

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