Schweizer: Gates Promised to Outsource U.S. Jobs to China

Schweizer: Gates Promised to Outsource U.S. Jobs to China

March 11, 2022

Less than two decades ago, billionaire globalist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates vowed to begin outsourcing the company’s workforce from the United States to China, according to Peter Schweizer’s new book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.

Gates’ Chinese outsourcing scheme was only the start of a lucrative future for Microsoft that would eventually work closely with the Communist Chinese regime and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Schweizer writes:

Beyond the issue of apologizing for Beijing’s censorship, Gates continued to appease the Chinese government. Microsoft promised Beijing that it would begin outsourcing jobs from the United States to China — it was an explicit promise. By the early 2000s, Microsoft was on track to have outsourced a thousand jobs. When the Chinese government criticized the company for not keeping pace, Microsoft said they would work harder to ship more jobs more quickly to the Chinese mainland.

The relationship between Microsoft and Beijing improved. By 2010, Microsoft had taken another step in its tightening association with the Chinese government. The company set up a research laboratory in China to work on artificial intelligence (AI) with a Chinese military university, an essential area of research that would have huge implications for the economy and on the battlefield. Microsoft even started taking in interns from the People’s Liberation Army at its Asian research facility.

Technocrat Gates’ un-American activities and support for the CCP, just like his powerful financial influence in the scientific arena steering us toward a “post-human” future, are an insidious threat to this country and the free world.

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