Schumer Wants Free Health Care for More Illegal Aliens

Schumer Wants Free Health Care for More Illegal Aliens

September 4, 2019

Sen. Chuck Schumer took to social media Wednesday to urge President Trump to do more to provide free health care to illegal immigrants.

On Labor Day, Trump’s deputies quietly agreed to allow at least 1,000 illegals to stay in the United States so they can receive expensive health care for a variety of lethal, enduring and debilitating diseases, according to Breitbart News. But the September 2nd announcement also suggested officials would try to reduce future approvals of “deferred action” for ill foreigners.

“This half measure by the Trump administration isn’t enough,” Schumer declared in response on Twitter. “The Trump administration must pledge to continue this critical protection for children and families being treated for serious illnesses like cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis.”

For the open borders Democrats, the welfare of illegal aliens is always prioritized above that of American citizens.

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