Schumer Wants Declassification of War Powers Notification

Schumer Wants Declassification of War Powers Notification

January 7, 2020

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Member Bob Menendez demanded Monday that President Trump declassify the administration’s notification of hostilities against Iran.

“We write to request and urge you to immediately declassify in full the January 4, 2020 war powers notification you submitted to Congress following the U.S. military operation targeting Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani,” Schumer and Menendez wrote in their letter to Trump.

“It is critical that national security matters of such import be shared with the American people in a timely manner,” they continued. “An entirely classified notification is simply not appropriate in a democratic society, and there appears to be no legitimate justification for classifying this notification.

The Soleimani strike was shared in a timely manner — after the terror leader was vaporized. Any sooner and Democrats would have sabotaged the plan.

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