Schumer: Trump ‘Thinks He’s Going to Lose’ in November

Schumer: Trump ‘Thinks He’s Going to Lose’ in November

June 26, 2020

Speaking to delusional, VP wanna-be Stacey Abrams on Instagram Live, Sen. Chuck Schumer claimed President Trump is “spreading misinformation” about voting-by-mail because he thinks he is going to lose the election.

“I think he thinks he’s going to lose,” Schumer mused. “And I think he feels if he delegitimizes the process… and this is something we all have to worry about… If he delegitimizes the process, maybe there’s a way, even if he loses [by a small margin]… he can sort of say the process was illegitimate, contest it.”

“We all went through Bush v. Gore in 2000, with a Republican machine that basically pushed the election in their direction with help, I might add, from the Supreme Court, unfortunately. So I think it’s because he’s going to lose, and he wants to delegitimize.”

The thought that Donald Trump ever thinks he’s going to lose — at anything — is ludicrous. The real issue here is that Schumer and the Democrats know that they will lose in November without the massive voter fraud which mail-in voting will facilitate.

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