Schumer: Trump Telling Us to Fiddle While America Burns

Schumer: Trump Telling Us to Fiddle While America Burns

May 7, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s OutFront, Sen. Chuck Schumer accused President Trump and Republican leaders of helping only the wealthy while telling the rest of America “let’s fiddle” as the country is burning.

“Tonight, amazingly enough, the president said he and the Republican Party are sticking with repealing the ACA…” Schumer said. “They say get rid of all that in the midst of a crisis. How tone-deaf can they be? How removed from the statistics, you’re mentioning can they be? And each statistic represents a personal heartbreak for somebody.

“How can they do this? I am just utterly amazed. They stick to this right-wing ideology, which helps a few, very well-to-do people and say to the rest of Americans, ‘Let’s fiddle.’ Which is what they are doing while America is, in many ways, burning.”

Schumer and the Democrat Party have done absolutely nothing to help Americans in this crisis because they want America to burn. As they have said many times, this crisis is their opportunity — to hurt Trump for November and “fundamentally transform” the country.

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