Schumer: Trump Is ‘Despicable’ for Praising ‘Thug’ Putin

Schumer: Trump Is ‘Despicable’ for Praising ‘Thug’ Putin

February 28, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s The Last Word, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called former President Donald Trump “despicable” for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Propaganda host Lawrence O’Donnell said, “Donald Trump says that this invasion — he said at the very outset of it — that this invasion is genius, that Vladimir Putin is a genius for doing this. Former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he respects, fully respects Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin is a mass murderer tonight in Ukraine, and the previous administration still holds him in that kind of regard.”

Schumer said, “To hold such an immoral man, with such vicious actions, it’s just despicable, and shows how little moral compass Donald Trump has. But also, he’s very shortsighted because, as I said, the Ukrainian resistance will be fierce. I know so many Ukrainians in New York, and they reflect that. I believe the sanctions that the president has put in will constrict Russia’s ability to function as a strong economy. It will restrict them and make them weaker and weaker. So I don’t think these initial claims by Trump or Pompeo are going to be regarded as accurate as we move on in time.”

First, Schumer and MSNBC are intentionally distorting the meaning of Trump’s and Pompeo’s comments. Their point, whether one agrees with it or not, was that Putin’s move on Ukraine was a smart move for Russia strategically speaking, not that they admire him personally or approve of the invasion.

Second, Biden’s sanctions, like Biden himself, are weak and too little, too late. Putin has already shown he will not be deterred by Western sanctions. If Putin fails to annex Ukraine, it won’t be because of anything the puppet president Biden did.

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