Schumer: Trump, GOP Talking Russian ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Schumer: Trump, GOP Talking Russian ‘Conspiracy Theories’

May 18, 2020

Saturday on MSNBC Live, Sen. Chuck Schumer ranted that President Trump and the GOP are cooking up “conspiracy theories” to “go after” former President Barack Obama and former VP Joe Biden.

“Right now… instead of the president sitting down and talking with experts on COVID and how to get the testing out, or how to follow up on getting a vaccine, instead of doing what he usually does — makes a grandiose announcement and then forgets about it — he’s talking to a group of hard-right Republican congressmen to talk about more conspiracy theories,” Schumer claimed with absolutely zero evidence.

“‘How do we go after Joe Biden? How do we go after Barack Obama?’ Mr. President, there’s a crisis in America. Stop these conspiracy theories, many of which had Russian origin, and start rolling up your sleeves and helping us solve the problem here.”

Trump is solving the crisis, while Democrats like Schumer are intentionally exacerbating it in order to cripple Trump’s election chances in November.

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