Schumer: Trump Can’t ‘Upend’ Impeachment Process

Schumer: Trump Can’t ‘Upend’ Impeachment Process

May 24, 2019

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke on Thursday with MSNBC’s Morning Joe regarding President Trump’s impeachment as House Democrats continue to push for it.

Schumer cautioned that the impeachment process is long and “slow moving,” but said that the president will not be able to “upend it.”

“The process is deep and strong, but slow-moving,” Schumer said. “And that’s how [the Founding Fathers] wanted it and that’s how it is, but it’s worked pretty well for 220 years and I don’t think someone like Donald Trump is going to be able ultimately to upend it, as long as the American people don’t become just apathetic and who cares what happens.”

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