Schumer: ‘The American People Have Gotten Wise to’ Trump

Schumer: ‘The American People Have Gotten Wise to’ Trump

December 16, 2022

Thursday on CNN’s The Situation Room, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said the American people will not reelect former President Trump because they have “gotten wise to him.”

Reporter Jamie Gangel said, “There is a CNN poll that just came out that shows there is little appetite on both sides for a Biden/Trump rematch in 2024. Do you think President Biden should step aside?”

Nancy Pelosi said, “I hope that he does seek reelection. He’s a person with great vision for our country. He’s been involved for a long time, so he has great knowledge of the issues and the challenges we face. He is the most empathetic president. He connects with people. The vision, the knowledge, the strategic thinking is all here. The empathy is from the heart. And I think he’s a great president.”

Schumer said, “Yeah. He’s done an excellent, excellent job. And if he runs, I’m going to support him all the way.”

When asked what it will mean if Trump is reelected president, Schumer said, “I don’t think that will happen. The American people have gotten wise to him. Took a little while, but they did.”

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