Schumer on Flooding: ‘Woe Is Us… Global Warming Is Upon Us’

Schumer on Flooding: ‘Woe Is Us… Global Warming Is Upon Us’

September 3, 2021

In a press conference on Thursday, Senate Majority Liar Chuck Schumer blamed the left’s favorite boogeyman, purportedly man-made “climate change” after Hurricane Ida caused fatal, historic flooding in New York City.

“Woe is us if we don’t recognize these changes are due to climate change. Woe is us if we don’t do something about it quickly,” Schumer moaned.

He highlighted climate change provisions tucked into the“infrastructure” legislation the House has yet to vote on, claiming falsely that the measures could “stop the global warming or at least reduce its awful effects on this country.”

“When you get two record rainfalls in a week, it’s not just coincidence,” he stated. It’s not man-made either, but that’s sacrilegious to point out. “Global warming is upon us and it’s going to get worse and worse and worse unless we do something about it, and that’s why it’s so important to pass… the infrastructure bill and the budget reconciliation bill.”

Climate change is a leftist boogeyman designed to justify the biggest government power grab in history, and the left’s socialist Great Reset. Woe is us if they get their way.

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