Schumer: ‘New’ Republican Party ‘Viciously Against Voting Rights’

Schumer: ‘New’ Republican Party ‘Viciously Against Voting Rights’

January 4, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s hate-filled propaganda outlet The ReidOut, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) ranted falsely that the “new” Republican Party under former President Donald Trump was “viciously against voting rights.”

Schumer said, “What happened on January 6 is a direct continuation of the Big Lie, which Donald Trump perpetrated, created January 6 and a continuation of what is happening around the country.”

The actual Big Lie is the Democrat claim that hapless, unlikeable candidate Joe Biden beat Trump in the 2020 election. In fact, Schumer and his fellow Democrat liars defrauded Americans of their rightful votes and stole the election. Ever since, they have been pushing the Big Lie that the truth is a big lie.

He continued, “Non-partisan election officials, just plain people doing their job to count votes, are being threatened in state after state with violence. A few of them have had to have police protection. So the idea that January 6 is totally a one-off is wrong. It’s being perpetrated by this attempt to take away voting rights of so many people, people of color, young people, people living in urban areas, handicapped people, elderly people. We have to fight against this. The new Republican Party under the leadership of Donald Trump is viciously against voting rights and trying to take those away.”

Absolutely false. Schumer is a shameless liar. Republicans are fighting to preserve election integrity. What Schumer means by “voting rights” is “voter fraud” — the only means Democrats have of “winning” elections.

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