Schumer: Infrastructure Package Must Include Green New Deal

Schumer: Infrastructure Package Must Include Green New Deal

July 29, 2021

Senate Majority Liar Chuck Schumer said Wednesday that any infrastructure package must contain large-scale, Green New Deal-style policies.

“I will not pass an infrastructure package that does not reduce carbon pollution at a scale commensurate with the urgency of the climate crisis we face,” Schumer said about President Biden’s Trojan horse $3.5 trillion initiative. “We’re united in taking on the climate crisis as we move forward. The Senate will make out the largest investments to tackle the climate crisis and environmental justice, ever.”

“Environmental justice.” The word “justice” in any legislation signals that it is a big-government boondoggle which doesn’t address any actual issues, only imaginary “structural injustices.”

Schumer’s trillion-dollar spending proposals stand alongside a Moody’s report he released July 21 which argues ludicrously that spending trillions will “ease inflation pres­sures,” referring to an inflation surge for which the majority of registered voters rightly hold Biden responsible.

Democrat leaders won’t be satisfied until they have collapsed the entire economy.

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