Schumer: Biden Investigations Don’t Matter to Avg American

Schumer: Biden Investigations Don’t Matter to Avg American

August 16, 2023

Wednesday on MSNBC’s propaganda outlet Morning Joe, Senate Majority Leader and inveterate liar Chuck Schumer (D-NY) claimed falsely that the American people did not care about Republican lawmakers’ investigations into President Biden’s son Hunter.

Schumer said, “Let’s compare it to the Republicans. We’re investing, there are investigating. All they seem to do is want to investigate this, that and the other thing. That doesn’t help the American people. The contrast of yesterday, a former president being indicted for trying to deny an election, and this president today talking about investing in America, that’s going to sink in. It’s our job to make sure it sinks in.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough said, “I mean, their investigations are so stupid I am embarrassed for them. They are talking to arms dealers and people that illegally smuggle oil to the Communist Chinese Party. They talk about tapes and the FBI Grassley gives up the game and says we don’t care if he’s guilty or not. I could go down the list.”

Schumer said, “These investigations don’t matter to the average American people. This is the right-wing, the hard right-wing talking to each other. Let them keep talking to each other. We’re talking to the American people.”

This is pure gaslighting from the Left. The American people DO care about Biden crime family corruption. It’s the Democrats who don’t care, because they believe their fellow Dems should be above the law.

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