Schumer: For Hunter Biden to Testify Would Be a ‘Distraction’

Schumer: For Hunter Biden to Testify Would Be a ‘Distraction’

December 17, 2019

Monday on CNN’s New Day, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer dismissed it as a “distraction” if Joe Biden‘s son Hunter testified in a Senate trial to impeach President Trump.

Asked if he would be open to hearing the testimony of Hunter Biden, Schumer replied, Well, look. No one, not a single person I’ve heard, even those who want Hunter Biden, have even alleged that he has knowledge of the fact-case the House is presenting. This shouldn’t be for Democrats to bring in their favorite conspiracy theories and Republicans to bring in theirs. This is an august and solemn proceeding. It’s a very important proceeding.” No, it ‘s not; it’s a kangaroo court. Schumer and his entire Party are desperate frauds.

“[The Republicans] have not shown a single bit of evidence that Hunter Biden can answer any of these facts. He’s a distraction,” Schumer claimed.

He is not a distraction. Hunter Biden’s corruption is central to the purported point of the impeachment, which is Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president.

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