Schumer Poo-poos Polls Showing Voters Don’t Want Biden in 2024

Schumer Poo-poos Polls Showing Voters Don’t Want Biden in 2024

February 14, 2023

Monday on ABC’s daytime dumb-down The View, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said recent polls showing a majority of voters do not want President Biden to run in 2024 should not be believed.

Co-host Sara Haines said, “President Biden has made historic accomplishments in job growth and health care, infrastructure, but an ABC News poll says that voters are even less enthused about Biden running again than Trump. Can you explain the disconnect between what we are seeing in the successes and the polling is showing?”

Fact check: the only historic accomplishments Biden has under his belt are catastrophic ones. Voters are “less enthused” about him running again because he’s mentally and physically unstable and because he has destroyed our economy.

Schumer replied, “First, you can’t always believe polling. There was a poll in 1983 that said Ronald Reagan would get clobbered, and of course, he won a huge victory. Second, I think part of it is we now have to make sure the American people — they’ve read what we have done, they haven’t seen it. The second year will be the year of implementing, getting the good things we did out. Let me tell you two things that just started. Anyone over 65 will only pay $35 for insulin. That’s a huge thing for people with diabetes. They may have read about it six months ago. Also, free shingles shots. For those of you 55, get shingles shot. It used to be a lot of money, free.”

Hey, a dozen eggs costs $12 now and a gallon of gas is $6, but shingles shots are free! Why can’t these ignorant voters see what a great tradeoff that is?

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