Schumer Won’t Say Whether Corrupt Menendez Should Resign

Schumer Won’t Say Whether Corrupt Menendez Should Resign

September 28, 2023

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) declined to say Wednesday afternoon whether corrupt Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) should resign from his position over federal bribery charges.

“Tomorrow he will address our caucus, and we’ll see what will happen after that,” Schumer said, adding that he was “deeply disappointed” and “disturbed” when he read the indictment, which detailed repeated actions by Menendez to benefit Egypt, despite U.S. government misgivings over the country’s human rights record that in recent years has prompted Congress to attach restrictions on aid.

“Look, I’ve known Sen. Menendez a very long time. And it was truly, truly upsetting. But we all know that senators, for senators there’s a much, much higher standard and clearly when you read the indictment, Sen. Menendez fell way, way below that standard,” he said.

Prosecutors, who detailed meetings and dinners between Menendez and Egyptian officials, say he gave sensitive U.S. government information to Egyptian officials and ghostwrote a letter to fellow senators encouraging them to lift a hold on $300 million in aid to Egypt.

Menendez and his wife pleaded not guilty on Wednesday at a Manhattan federal courthouse. Hilariously, the Senator insists that he will be exonerated.

As of Wednesday, more than half of the Senate Democratic Caucus has called on Menendez to resign.

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