Schumer Calls Trump a ‘Moron’ over Coronavirus Response

Schumer Calls Trump a ‘Moron’ over Coronavirus Response

October 31, 2020

Thursday on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed that the Trump administration response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic demonstrated that the President is “a moron.”

Regarding the recent congressional discussion on a second coronavirus stimulus package, Schumer said, “It had money if you couldn’t pay the front you wouldn’t get kicked out of your house, it had money to feed hungry children. The House passed it overwhelmingly. I told Mitch McConnell to put this bill on the floor…He blocked it. He doesn’t want to help people.”

This is a complete lie. The talks stalled because Democrats tried to pack the bill with a Progressive agenda that is irrelevant to the coronavirus.

He added, “I want to give you an astounding fact because most people outside of Washington don’t realize this, there are 20 Republican Senators who want zero money, zero. They want everyone to suffer. It’s getting worse if you read the papers today more people are in hospitals, more people are dying. This third wave in the cold weather with the combination of the flu, and we’re sitting on our hands. That’s because Donald Trump is such a — pardon my saying, I know you have a very nice show — such a moron. I would use worse words, I’m from Brooklyn.”

Schumer and his fellow Democrats don’t care about Americans suffering from the pandemic, which Dem leaders have exacerbated beyond measure. Their sole intent regarding the coronavirus is to intensify the suffering and blame it on Trump.

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