Schiff: Will Consider ‘Validity’ of GOP Subpoena Before I Comply

Schiff: Will Consider ‘Validity’ of GOP Subpoena Before I Comply

November 29, 2022

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said he would have to consider the validity of any subpoena from the House Republicans before complying with it.

Anchor Dana Bash said, “The incoming oversight chair, James Comer, told Punchbowl News in an interview, ‘I don’t believe congressional investigations have a whole lot of credibility now. I blame Adam Schiff for that, but it’s also both parties to blame for investigations in the past. I want to change that.’ What’s your response?”

Schiff said, “Comer doesn’t believe in the Russia investigation, in the Ukraine investigation, he doesn’t believe in the investigation of January 6th. Why? Because those are investigations of the serial abuse of power by Donald Trump. Comer and Jordan and McCarthy will do nothing but carry Donald Trump’s water. Someone who is sitting down for dinner with antisemites, who is sitting down for dinner with bigots who won’t condemn them. This is who they’re making common cause with. They will do and say what they need to do.”

Correction: Comer doesn’t believe in the Russia/Ukraine/January 6 investigations because they’re all sham show trials to discredit Schiff’s political opponents, primarily Donald Trump.

Asked if he would comply if subpoenaed by Republicans when they take over, Schiff sniffed, “We’ll have to consider the validity of the subpoena. I would certainly view my obligation, the administration’s obligation to follow the law and the fact that they have disrespected the law is not a precedent I would hope that would be broadly followed. We’ll have to look at the the legitimacy or lack of legitimacy of what they do.”

Schiff is simply going to declare any subpoena to be illegitimate, because Democrats never allow themselves to be held accountable for their political crimes.

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