Schiff: Trump ‘Willfully Fanning the Flames of This Violence’

Schiff: Trump ‘Willfully Fanning the Flames of This Violence’

August 31, 2020

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Rep. Adam Schiff accused President Trump of fanning the flames of the radical left’s violence in cities such as Kenosha, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon.

“The president is willfully fanning the flames of this violence,” Schiff said. “As his own adviser, Kellyanne Conway, said last week, they believe the violence is helpful to them. And the president is only motivated by one thing: what is in it for him? And he sees this violence and his ability to agitate more of it as useful to his campaign. What it does to the country, the loss of life, he doesn’t care.

“One hundred eighty thousand people have died from the pandemic because of his incompetence and this malignant narcissism,” Schiff continued, blatantly lying. “He won’t only act to stop the violence on streets, but he will try to send federal national guard forces or others to aggravate it if he can, he will stoke it through his social media, where he can, because he believes the violence helps him. That is the sad and tragic truth about this, but also about the Trump presidency more generally.”

Schiff is echoing the left’s new strategy, which is to stop pretending that the rioters are “mostly peaceful” and blame Trump for the violence they themselves have instigated, encouraged, and funded.

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