Schiff: The GOP is an ‘Autocratic Cult’ Around Donald Trump

Schiff: The GOP is an ‘Autocratic Cult’ Around Donald Trump

October 12, 2021

Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, inveterate liar Rep. Adam Schiff declared that the Republican Party was “an autocratic cult around Donald Trump,” a man who is not even politically active but who lives rent-free in the heads of Democrats like Schiff, who remain terrified by his influence and popularity.

“Well, look, we have a Republican Party that is now an autocratic cult around Donald Trump,” Schiff claimed without any evidence. “It is not interested in governing. It’s not interested in even maintaining the solvency in the credit-worthiness of the country. And we have to recognize that they’re not interested in governing. And so we’re going to govern.”

Fact check: the Democrat Party is presiding over the impending economic collapse of the country. The border has already collapsed, along with law and order around the country. The President’s job approval ratings have collapsed to historic lows. Schiff calls that governing?

Asked what responsibility Democrats have for damaging the faith of Americans politically, Schiff naturally took no responsibility: “Look, I think Democrats have been defending our democracy for the last five years. We have put up a valiant fight for the heart and soul of this country, so I really can’t lay the blame at the Democratic Party.”

The propagandist went on to state that “one of our two great parties has completely abandoned its ideology. It has made itself an anti-truth, anti-democratic cult of the former president.”

Well, Schiff is right about that: the Democrat Party has completely abandoned its former liberalism and made itself an anti-truth, anti-democratic cult of former president Barack Obama, whose stated mission was to “fundamentally transform” the United States. That’s the party and the mission Schiff represents.

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