Schiff Questions Bolton’s Patriotism For Withholding’ Info

Schiff Questions Bolton’s Patriotism For Withholding’ Info

June 18, 2020

Thursday on CBS’s This Morning, Rep. Adam Schiff called former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s “patriotism” into question for withholding info about President Trump during impeachment proceedings.

“Bolton made it clear that if we subpoenaed him that he would sue us and tie us up in court…” Schiff stated. “The fact that he wasn’t willing to testify in the House and was willing to tie us up in court for a long time but willing to tell this story to a book, to make money for a book tells you a lot about John Bolton’s character.

After noting Bolton’s book paints a portrait of Trump as “somebody who puts his own personal interests above the national interest,” Schiff stated, “You could certainly question… John Bolton’s patriotism in withholding the information during an impeachment proceeding, but that doesn’t necessarily detract from the seriousness of what he alleges against the president.”

Bolton may be, to put it in literary terms, an “unreliable narrator,” but Schiff and his fellow Democrats are in no position to question anyone’s patriotism.

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