Schiff: ‘Pathetic’ Pence ‘Will Mimic’ Anything Trump Says

Schiff: ‘Pathetic’ Pence ‘Will Mimic’ Anything Trump Says

May 12, 2020

Sunday on MSNBC’s Kasie DC, Rep. Adam Schiff slammed Vice President Mike Pence for echoing President Trump’s “attempt to rewrite history” regarding the left’s false Russian Narrative and targeting of former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.

“You know, it’s pathetic, not surprising, but pathetic — the degree to which the vice president will mimic anything the president says,” sneered Schiff, who pathetically mimics anything his boss Nancy Pelosi says. He went on to push, yet again, the Democrats’ discredited Narrative about Russian election collusion and to claim that Flynn “lied” about “conversations with the Russians.”

“Now, they couldn’t say that he didn’t lie because he pled guilty repeatedly,” Schiff continued. “And for now, Bill Barr to do the president’s bidding, for Mike Pence to echo the president’s attempt to rewrite history — it’s a full-scale assault on the rule of law and so discouraging.”

Pure projection on Schiff’s part, because the full-scale assault on the rule of law was the left’s entrapment of Flynn and treasonous coup attempt on Trump.

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