Schiff on Subpoena For Clarence Thomas’ Wife: He Crossed a Line

Schiff on Subpoena For Clarence Thomas’ Wife: He Crossed a Line

July 26, 2022

Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas crossed a line when he dissented on the Supreme Court rejection of former President Trump’s attempt to block the release of records to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 chaos at the Capitol.

Responding to a question about the committee potentially subpoenaing Clarence’s wife Ginni Thomas over text messages she sent to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, the inveterate liar Schiff said, “There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, but those lines involve sitting Supreme Court justices, not presiding or appearing or taking action in cases in which their spouse may be implicated. And in this case, for Clarence Thomas to issue a decision, in a case, a dissent in a case where Congress is trying to get documents, and those documents might involve his own wife, that’s the line that’s been crossed.”

The line that has been crossed is the one the Democrats rolled over when they launched this never-ending sham show trial as a way to demonize their political opponents.

The man Trump dubbed “Pencil Neck” added, “And I think, for Congress to be looking into these issues, looking into conflict of interest issues. But here, looking into issues, whether it involves the wife of a Supreme Court justice or anyone else, if they have information or role in an effort to overturn an election. Yes, they’re not excluded from examination… If she has relevant information or investigation, we hope she comes in voluntarily. But if she doesn’t, then we should give that a serious consideration. And, yes, I think those that we decided have important enough information should be subpoenaed.”

Shame on these evil, power-hungry Democrat liars.

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