Schiff: January 6 Committee Is Investigating House GOP

Schiff: January 6 Committee Is Investigating House GOP

August 26, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and inveterate liar, declared that several House Republicans are under investigation by the January 6 Select Committee.

“I can’t go into any particular document or other requests,” Schiff began, resorting to his habitual tactic of insinuating that evidence of guilt exists when in fact, it does not.

“I can tell you the premise that you make, which is nobody is off limits here that of any member of Congress or the former administration or the former president himself, in whatever capacity that he was involved in this attack,” Schiff continued, referring to the January 6 chaos no Capitol Hill which even the Deep State FBI has described as not an “insurrection.”

“We’ll investigate thoroughly, and we’ll put all of this together in a comprehensive report and let the American people know who’s engaged in this attack on our democracy. In that sense, I think you are absolutely right. We can follow the facts and be comprehensive, and nobody gets a pass.”

Nobody gets a pass except fellow Democrats and their shock troops like the violent revolutionaries of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. But if you were/are a Trump supporter, you’re guilty until proven innocent.

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