Schiff: House Republicans Are Trying to ‘Undermine the Rule of Law’ for Trump

Schiff: House Republicans Are Trying to ‘Undermine the Rule of Law’ for Trump

April 4, 2023

Monday on MSNBC’s All In, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Republicans in the House are attempting to “undermine the rule of law” for former President Trump.

Anchor Chris Hayes said, “There’s been reporting that the ex-president has been calling congressional allies, and of course, it is his allies that run of the United State House of Representatives, he’s urging them basically to do two things, as far as I can read the reporting. One is to tighten the screws on Bragg by any means they can. Investigate the Manhattan district attorney, subpoena him, whatever. The other is to tighten the screws on Joe Biden, the president’s family, Hunter Biden, to accelerate that stuff. What do you make of those reports?”

Schiff said, “Well, I don’t know whether exactly the Trump people have given those marching orders to Republicans in Congress. I’m not sure they needed to. During the Ukraine investigation, Jim Jordan and others — they acted like the criminal defense lawyers for Donald Trump, and they’re doing it again. You know, whether Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy needed prodding or not, I don’t know. But they’ve already been writing to the Manhattan DA, demanding evidence, threatening essentially implicitly that he will be subpoenaed if they don’t comply. They’re acting like they can use the power of Congress to do criminal discovery. Something that, you know, the lawyers for Trump can do. He already has criminal defense lawyers, probably perfectly good ones. He doesn’t need members of Congress to do that.

“But it is deeply concerning that Congress would try to interfere in the administration of justice,” the congenital liar continued. “I serve on that Judiciary Committee now. When I was removed from the Intelligence Committee, I was put in the senior position on the Judiciary Committee. You better believe I’m going to use my position in that committee to fight against these efforts to undermine the rule of law because that’s exactly what they’re trying to do here.”

Puh-leeze. Democrats care absolutely nothing for the rule of law. This is pure posturing on his part, with the complicity of the leftwing media helping to shape the false narrative about their feared and hated political opponent Donald Trump.

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