Schiff: ‘History Will Rebuke Trump and Everyone Who Stood with Him’

Schiff: ‘History Will Rebuke Trump and Everyone Who Stood with Him’

October 14, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Deadline, inveterate liar Rep. Adam Schiff declared self-righteously that history would rebuke former President Donald Trump and “everyone who stood with him.”

“Time is not going to be kind to Donald Trump,” Schiff claimed. “It’s not going to be kind to any of the enablers and sycophants in the Congress who upheld him during this period,” Schiff continued. “One of the things that I really can’t understand about my colleague is how do they believe they are going to explain this to their children and grandchildren one day when they are asked, what did you do when that awful man was running the country? Please tell me you did something to stand up to him…

“I am very confident history will rebuke Donald Trump and everyone who stood with him,” Schiff concluded.

He said this as his Party and the worst president in American history, Joe Biden, are in the process of crashing America’s economy, empowering its Islamic and Chinese enemies, and throwing its borders wide open to a tsunami of illegal aliens, drug cartels, terrorists, and the diseased. If history isn’t going to be kind to anyone, it will be Schiff and his destructive Party.

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