Schiff: GOP Thinks Minorities Shouldn’t Participate in Elections

Schiff: GOP Thinks Minorities Shouldn’t Participate in Elections

October 28, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, congenital liar Rep. Adam Schiff claimed without a shred of evidence that the Republican Party had become a “cult” of former President Donald Trump and did not want minorities to participate in elections.

“There is a sustained effort before the election, during the election, and after the election to this day to discredit the whole idea that we can still rely on elections to decide who should govern,” said the man whose party committed nationwide voter fraud to steal the 2020 election. “If you pull that pillar of our democracy out, it comes crumbling down, and what is left other than violence? If you can’t trust the ballot box t0 resolve differences, what is left but violence? It’s what led to January 6 and what may lead to further violence.”

The Democrats have absolutely destroyed voter confidence in this country and done everything in their power to facilitate various means of voter fraud — because that’s the only way Democrats can win elections now. Schiff is a liar and a propagandist, as is the show’s host Joy Reid.

Schiff continued, “If Republicans lose elections, it’s because of people who are black and brown and don’t look like White America, and therefore it is inherently invalid and illegitimate. Because I think the subtext is they feel that minorities should not be participating if they’re going to be decisive in an election. You know, I think when you look at those who attack the Capitol that day with their Confederate flags and Auschwitz t-shirts, there is no separating this insurrection from the white nationalist motivation behind it.”

This is pure propaganda. There was no “insurrection” on January 6, there was no white nationalist movement involved in the FBI-instigated chaos that day, and the notion that the Republican party is racist is precisely the opposite of the truth, which is that the Democrat Party exploits those “black and brown” people Schiff claims to care about in order to create racial division between Americans.

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