Schiff: GOP Congressional Caucus Filled with ‘Kooks and Dangerous Cranks’

Schiff: GOP Congressional Caucus Filled with ‘Kooks and Dangerous Cranks’

November 10, 2021

Tuesday on ABC’s brainless, daytime propaganda outlet The View, inveterate liar Rep. Adam Schiff claimed that the Republican caucus in Congress was “characterized by numerous kooks and dangerous cranks.”

Asked about GOP political figures who purportedly “have said inappropriate things” and have even been “espousing violent behavior,” Schiff replied, “Sadly, the Republican conference is now characterized by numerous kooks and dangerous cranks… And if you consider who the leadership of that conference is, they’re talking today about removing from committees Republicans who voted for a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Their sin was voting for a bipartisan bill to rebuild our roads and bridges and highways.”

No, the sin of those RINOs was voting for an astronomically expensive, Big Government Democrat bill focused on environmental boondoggles and other radical policies that has nothing to do with rebuilding roads and bridges and highways, but which will contribute to the economic and infrastructure collapse of the country.

He concluded, “It will benefit a lot of their constituents.” Fact check: no, it will not. The bill is going to destroy the American middle class. “And why? Why’s that such an offense? Because it contradicts their strategy of making Joe Biden a failure. If it hurts the American people, they don’t care as long as they can make Joe Biden fail.”

This is a jaw-dropping degree of hypocrisy and projection. Republicans know that Biden’s policies will hurt the American people, and that’s why they want Biden to fail. When Donald Trump was president, it was the Democrats who didn’t care that his policies were helping Americans, because all they cared about was making Trump fail.

Schiff is a liar, and The View is nothing but a political disinformation show running interference for the traitorous Democrat Party.

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