Schiff: Founders Would Want Trump to Face Justice for Jan. 6

Schiff: Founders Would Want Trump to Face Justice for Jan. 6

January 5, 2023

Thursday on ABC’s propaganda gab-fest The View, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed that the Founding Fathers would want former President Trump to face justice for his actions surrounding the 2020 presidential election and January 6, 2021.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the Capitol insurrection, as you referenced.”

Fact check: there was no insurrection, not even an attempted one.

“You’ve released your final report and issued four criminal referrals for former President Trump,” she continued. “What happens now?… It just seems to me the Justice Department is dragging their feet. I feel like I could have prosecuted this case last year.”

The inveterate liar Schiff responded, “I think you could have. I think you could have brought it to justice last year. There are two things that are remaining to be done. The first is the one that you are asking about, and that is justice. There needs to be justice. We referred a number of people for potential criminal prosecution. The Justice Department needs to live up to the commitment it made of following the evidence wherever it leads because it has led to Donald Trump. He can’t get a pass. We can’t say that presidents are somehow immune from liability, immune from responsibility and justice because it would be controversial. The Founders would have never subscribed to that kind of dangerous proposition.”

Fact checks: 1) there is no evidence leading to Trump or the Democrats would have pounced on it long ago. This is exactly like the Russian collusion hoax, when the Dems insisted falsely for 2+ years that they had evidence against Trump; and 2) Democrats invoke the Founding Fathers, like they invoke Jesus, only when they want to cover their evil in a thin blanket of self-righteousness. They don’t care at all what the Founding Fathers would want, or what they stood for, because the only thing Democrats stand for is power.

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