Schiff: Evidence Trump ‘Engaged in Likely Multiple Criminal Acts’

Schiff: Evidence Trump ‘Engaged in Likely Multiple Criminal Acts’

June 15, 2022

Tuesday on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said he believed the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol has enough evidence to show that former President Trump “engaged in likely multiple criminal acts.”

The inveterate liar and smear merchant Schiff began, “Our mission is to expose the facts to the public light about a plot to overturn a presidential election, the first non-peaceful transfer of power we’ve had in our history, and prescribe remedies, legislative remedies to protect our country going forward.”

Fact check: there was no plot to overturn a presidential election, unless you count the widespread Democrat voter fraud that illegitimately put Joe Biden into the White House.

Schiff went on to state that the duty of the Justice Department is “to follow the evidence and, if there are credible allegations of crime, to pursue them against anyone, including former presidents.”

Asked if there is enough credible evidence at this moment for the Justice Department to act, Schiff replied, “I certainly believe there’s enough evidence for them to open an investigation of several people, and so did Judge David Carter of California believes the former president and others were engaged in likely multiple criminal acts.”

So Schiff actually does not have any credible evidence that Trump committed a crime; he only “believes” it is “likely” that he did.

Let’s get real: if the Committee had found one shred of confirmation Trump did anything illegal — and they’ve been working around the clock for nearly a year-and-a-half to find something — they would have pounced on it long before now. But they don’t, so all they’re going to do is open another investigation at taxpayer expense, to drag this process out indefinitely in order to keep Trump from running for President again — and winning.

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