Schiff: DOJ Should Investigate Trump Lawyers for Suborning Perjury

Schiff: DOJ Should Investigate Trump Lawyers for Suborning Perjury

December 23, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s All In, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the Justice Department should be looking “long and hard” at former President Trump’s lawyers and aides over possible charges of suborning perjury once the January 6 House Select Committee releases its report and transcripts of testimony.

Asked to what possible degree witnesses were subject to “something that feels a little bit like intimidation, possibly,” the inveterate liar and unhinged anti-Trump hysteric Schiff replied, “I think this has been a big concern of ours. Some of these witnesses have the same council, paid for by sources they weren’t ready to disclose to the witnesses. And if people are told, ‘Hey, the boss is going to be watching this. He’s going to read the transcripts. He will know what you have to say. You are a team player.’ Things like that are absolutely designed to influence testimony. Now whether that is a prosecutable offense, you know, I think some of the statements that you related to us earlier where the witnesses said, hey, I just said things I don’t recall things, I do recall things, and the attorney says that’s just fine. I agree. That crosses the line.

“The Justice Department is going to have to look long and hard at that and decide whether they believe they can prove an effort to suborn perjury or illicit a false statement beyond a reasonable doubt,” Schiff continued.

There is nothing to perjure about. There was no “insurrection” on January 6. This is all just a Democrat show trial to persecute their political opponents. And Schiff and MSNBC both know it.

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