Savage on Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip: ‘She’s a Threat to World Stability’

Savage on Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip: ‘She’s a Threat to World Stability’

August 5, 2022

In an interview with Breitbart News, conservative radio talk show legend Michael Savage blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) recent visit to Taiwan, saying the move dangerously escalated tensions in Asia and around the world.

“It’s common sense to ask the question: do we need this confrontation now?” Savage said. “Answer: Of course not. Who wins? The weapons lobby and the military-industrial complex. We know that missiles are now flying and a naval blockade is coming. What did Pelosi achieve by this other than grandstanding and being a provocateur and again causing mayhem? She is a disturber of the peace — both domestically and internationally. She’s a threat to world stability. It was totally unnecessary right now.

“I interviewed Pelosi in 1998 because I have lived for a long time in the Bay Area and she is the congresswoman here,” Savage continued. “She was on the right side of things back in 1998 being a supporter of Taiwan. She came on my show and talked about the human rights abuses by China. It was actually a good interview. This provocation at this time was not necessary. She could have gone there, quietly, and told Taiwan that we are on their side, but she didn’t. She has hubris. Let’s hope she did not fly too close to the sun this time.”

Asked what he foresaw would be the result of Pelosi’s trip, Savage replied, “The CCP [Chinese Communist Party] plays the long game and they will do nothing right now. Sure, they will bang the war drums, but probably not do too much more right now. However, [Chinese dictator] Xi has put his prestige on the line, he’s been challenged. He won’t allow himself to lose face. He’s going to do something, but it won’t be immediate. They will wait for what they think will be the right time and do something completely unexpected. It’s anyone’s guess what it will be.”

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