Sarsour: Biden’s ‘Overall Health’ ‘Can’t Just Be All Gaffes’

Sarsour: Biden’s ‘Overall Health’ ‘Can’t Just Be All Gaffes’

August 27, 2019

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has committed so many verbal gaffes on the campaign trail lately that even radical leftist and Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour expressed concern about his health, tweeting Sunday that it “can’t just be all gaffes.”

“I love this place. Look, what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it?” Biden told reporters over the weekend — in New Hampshire. That was the latest among such mistakes as confusing former British prime minister Theresa May with the late Margaret Thatcher, and claiming to have been vice president at the time of the Parkland shooting, even though it happened over a year after he left office.

“This is actually not funny,” Sarsour wrote on Twitter. “It’s very sad. These can’t just be all gaffes. People need to be worrying about VP Biden’s overall health.”

Biden reassured a New Hampshire crowd that he’s “not going nuts.” But Fox News’s Brit Hume tweeted Saturday that “some of his recent [gaffes] suggest the kind of memory loss associated with senility.”

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