Sarandon Wants Far-Left Dems to Force Vote on Medicare for All

Sarandon Wants Far-Left Dems to Force Vote on Medicare for All

January 4, 2021

Monday on Twitter, actress/activist Susan Sarandon urged leftists in Congress to refuse to vote for Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker as a means to “force” her to bring a vote to the floor on Medicare for All.

“I believe a better world is possible & at this moment we have a real shot at Medicare for All by fighting to #ForceTheVote, which is why I’ve joined the @PeoplesParty_US Advisory Council,” tweeted Sarandon.  “I want a party that guarantees racial justice, economic justice, a livable climate — now that we’re in a catastrophe right now, free college, a decent wage, all of those things, and so I’m joining the People’s Party.

“And along with other activists, and teachers, and union people, and kids, and poets, who are all ready to fight for these things, and want to do it in a realistic way,” she added.

“You probably already know that there’s something going on in the House right now, where the progressives in the party who have been saying that they’re for Medicare for All are being asked to withhold their vote from Pelosi in order to force her to finally bring a vote on Medicare for All to the floor,” Sarandon continued.

“This is at a time when 75 percent or more of the United States wants Medicare or All — a huge portion of the Dems want it, and a lot of Republicans also want it. And right now, in the middle of a pandemic, if we can’t get it together to bring a vote on Medicare for All, when will be the right time?”

Never. The right time for government-run, single-payer healthcare is never.

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