Sarandon Justifies 10/7 Massacre, Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Sarandon Justifies 10/7 Massacre, Accuses Israel of War Crimes

November 17, 2023

Actress/activist Susan Sarandon took the podium at a pro-Palestinian rally in New York City over the weekend and declared that the October 7th massacre in Israel was the equivalent of the plight of Palestinians even before the current war.

Sarandon said, “So many people don’t understand the context in which this October 7 assault happened. They don’t understand the history of what has been happening to the Palestinian people for 75 years. So this is an opportunity to educate people if they can have an open mind.”

Without mentioning the 1,200 people Hamas murdered and the 240 hostages taken on the October 7th attack, Sarandon accused Israel of “war crimes” during their military operations in Gaza.

She added, “You don’t have to be Palestinian to understand that war crimes are being delivered every single day, according to the UN and other humanitarian groups.”

On X, Sarandon also posted an image of herself onstage at the rally with the text, “You don’t have to be Palestinian to care about what’s happening in Gaza. I stand with Palestine. No one is free until everyone is free.”

Social media users slammed her anti-Israel remarks.

“What do you mean by ‘Free Palestine’? You want Hamas to govern it?” wrote Madeleine Hubbard.

“You stand with murderers?” wrote @razblizovsky

“The Israeli hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas aren’t free,” said Scottergate.

“You don’t ask for the release of the hostages or condemn Hamas for the massacre? What a truly sad person you are!” wrote Scott McKenzie.

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