Sarandon: ‘I Stand With the Palestinian People’ Against Israeli ‘Apartheid’

Sarandon: ‘I Stand With the Palestinian People’ Against Israeli ‘Apartheid’

May 27, 2021

Wednesday on social media, left-wing actress/activist Susan Sarandon tweeted her support for the so-called “Palestinians” in their violent conflict with what Sarandon falsely calls the “apartheid” administration of Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu.

“I stand with the Palestinian People fighting against the apartheid government of Netanyahu and pray for the Israeli people that they too, will enjoy peace,” Sarandon wrote. “I also support @bellahadid for having the bravery to stand in solidarity with her people. That can be lonely,” she added, referring to supermodel Bella Hadid, who also publicly accused Israel of “apartheid” and participated in pro-Palestinian protests.

Bravery? It doesn’t take bravery to stand with the Palestinians against Israel, especially in the Israel-bashing arena of showbiz. It takes courage to stand with Israel.

Sarandon and Hadid are typical of Hollywood’s useful idiot supporters of Palestinian terrorism, perpetuating the obvious lie that Israel’s policies constitute “apartheid.” There is absolutely no point of comparison between Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and South Africa’s former system of raci

Even Avengers star Mark Ruffalo, who initially called for sanctions against Israel, issued an apology for saying Israel is guilty of genocide. “It’s not accurate, it’s inflammatory, disrespectful & is being used to justify antisemitism here & abroad. Now is the time to avoid hyperbole,” Ruffalo tweeted. Accusing Israel of apartheid is not hyperbole; it is a grotesque lie.

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